no hubs

.......why are you here stop.....


there are only bikes

please do not repost or use my work without my permission

please that’d be gr8

wip for a project
do not repost or edit

gross nerd

wanpan man

fuck the rest I’m sick of lookin at my art folder LOL have some arakitty nipples

Anonymous said: I was wondering if I could use your drawing of onoda in a bikini on my blog as a sidebar I'll credit you and everything I just want to see if it's okay with you before I use it

uh sure its a lot easier to say yes if i know who you are tho, anon

b+w from my twitter

69 prompt: strong
bike hell in ywpd_69min tag
sempai kouhai prompt
more lik 99 min :I

some 69s and some other things